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Everything You Need To Know About Lashes.


Lash Curls

Lash Curls are determined by letters.

'C' curl is very popular and used to create looks quite regularly. This curl (C) gives a natural lift to lashes. types. Our lines provide a variety of curls.

'J' Curl is the perfect wispy lash for customers that prefer a more natural looking length and volume. 

'B' Curl is what would be the best imitation of a natural lash.

'C' Curl is where the lash style becomes dramatic. This lash is short at the tip with a natural curl at the end of each individual hair fibre to create a simple but effective look.

'CC' Curl has a lot more of a defined curl. Although a D curl maybe more dramatic.

'D' Curl is not just dramatic; it lets everyone know you have arrived ! Often used for a longer look, whilst adding a lift.

'DD' Curls give you glamour, presence and poise. The (DD) curl has the most defined curl.

'LC' Curls are great for customers with a straight lash. With a long tip and flicked individual hair fibre.

'L' Curls did somebody say lift ?! Apply these lashes to add lift to lashes.


    Lash Thickness

    The thickness of the lash is obviously depending on your taste and desired look. Lash thicknesses range from 0.05 - 0.25. 

    0.5 Is the finest lash used an usually used for Russian lashes to add more volume.

    0.7 A fine lash used for volume adding multiple lashes in what is known as a cluster.

    0.10 This thickness of lash (0.10) is what is said to be the closest thickness to our own natural lashes.

    0.15 is the most purchased length brought among customers, wanted among clients and recommended via your lash technician. Thicker than our own lashes.

    0.20 Another thick lash normally used for cluster lash strips and fluffy lash strips to create a fuller look.

    0.25 Even thicker than the previous length gives a more dramatic look. 

      Screenshot_20230927_234509 (2)_edited.jpg

      Lash Lengths

      When choosing individual lashes it is advised that you choose a length that is 2 - 4mm longer than your natural lashes. HOWEVER, we are providing strip lashes so there's no need to worry about that here.

      With an abundance of eyelashes we are able to provide lashes of all shapes and sizes lengths and thicknesses. With lengths ranging from 6mm - 20mm there's plenty to choose from.

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